Temple History

Late Mr.M.Tirupataiah s/o Basavaiah is the resident of Garlavoddu village Enkur Mandal,Khammam(dt) and he is the founder of Sri Laxminarasimha Swamy Temple as he has constructed the temple in the yar 1963 by seeking permission from Grama Panchayat,Enkur on 28-2-1963 by spending his personal funds without collecting donations from any sector,that he has got the Samaradhana etc,are started on 7-2-1964,that the deity being his ILAVELUPU performing puja and Kalyanam in every year by spending his personal funds. He has constructed the temple in the year of 1963 by taking the permission from Grampanchayat Enkur dated 28-2-1963,that the temple was erected in his Own land situated in SY.N 154 of the Enkur Revenue Village that in the year 1959-60 he has taken the land to lease covered by SY No 152,153,154 and 151 for agriculture and other business purpose, that previously he was contractor and in the month of 1963 he has entered into agreement with the respective owners of the land i.e Kacherala Shesharatnam where the lands in Sy No 152,153 and Kalluri Ramachandra Rao for Sy No 151,154 and accordingly he has purchased the land admeasuring Acs.23.20 Gts in Sy No 152 and 153 from Kancherla Shesharatnam by getting the sale deed executed on 17-3-1963 that for the land admeasuring Acs.5-28 Gts covered by Sy No 151 and 154 he became the owner through a gift exchange deed which was executed by the pattedar Kalluri Ramachandra Rao in favour of him on 1-4-1963.That the suit temple is situated in Sy No 154 and he got clear title over the said land before temple erection completed on 7-2-1964,that on 28-2-1963 he has taken permission from Grampanchayat,Enkur to construct his house and suit temple Mr.Kanajarla worked as architect, that both the suit temple and dwelling house completed in the year 1964 since then all the pujas and functions were preformed and Kalyanam were celebrated by him only. Sri Mr.Atluri Laxminarayana S/O Kotilingam R/O Lingannapet worked as Carpenter and prepared main doors. Now the Temple is under the management of Endowment department.

Latest News

  • The presiding deity here is Laxmi Narasimha, combining the iconographic features of Varaha and Narasimha.
  • The temple of Garlavoddu Laxmi Narasimha Swamy can be seen as one approaches in Garlavoddu from Khammam/Kothagudem by bus.
  • Garlavoddu is located at a distance of 45 km from Khammam and 35 KM from Kothagudem.
  • The temple is accessed via a motorable road . This temple combines the Orissan and Chalukyan
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